EnergyCap “Building Management System as a Service” is the future of the energy efficiency management ecosystems that transfers the challenges and complexities of energy consumption optimization from building owners to a highly capable third party – EnergyCap.

Our BMS management service is powered by Sauter AG a Swiss technological giant with over 100 years of expertise, and together we offers state of the art IoT cloud technology to which transforms your building into smart energy efficient and environmental sustainable structures. We also daily maintenance, installation, training for your technical team, and workshops to educate employees. This all-in-one maintenance package to ensure your BMS is always running smoothly. All without an initial investment.

“BaaS is your gateway to efficient energy management.”

Why BMS as a Service:

  1. We prioritize comfort, the upkeep of HVAC equipment, optimal efficiency, effective use of space, and proactive control.
  2. We equip your team with the necessary skills to independently operate the new BMS even after our contract concludes.
  3. An integrated maintenance module enhances efficiency and extends the lifespan of the equipment.
  4. We provide energy consciousness training for all staff members.

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